Zone Fresh Food Markets Deliver for Xmas

Zone Fresh Food is one of the leading suppliers of fresh food and gourmet butchery meats in Australia. You just select what you want from their online fresh food market and it’s delivered straight to your door.

Their fresh food delivery service is perfect for Christmas because you won’t have to fight your way through the supermarkets. Instead, you have one of the best fresh gourmet markets at your fingertips. Their product lines include fruit and vegetables, deli items, gourmet meals, grocery foods, drinks, plants and flowers, gluten-free and organic food, and a gourmet butchery, as well as weekly specials.

So if you want fresh food delivered for Christmas, why not check out the fresh food market at Zone Fresh?

Here are five fabulous meal recipes you can make with your first order of fresh food from their fresh gourmet market. You can check out the recipes for the following recipes at their website.

Raspberry Chocolate Jam Bites

These are to die for! You won’t have many left when your guests get their hands on these Raspberry Chocolate Jam Bites made with ingredients from the Zone Fresh Food Market.

They’re very simple to make with just 4 ingredients: fresh raspberries, chia seeds, maple syrup and dark chocolate.

Zesty Cherry Salad with Salmon and Walnuts

Ideal as a light salad on Boxing Day when you’re still full from Christmas Day! Just combine all the following fresh food ingredients and enjoy fresh cherries, cucumber, avocados, baby spinach leaves, smoked salmon and walnuts in a delicious dressing. The perfect recipe for a delightful main meal or side dish. A little goes a long way!

Beetroot Pasta

For something a little different at Christmas, why not try Beetroot Pasta? You’ll need beetroot, garlic, tofu, lemon juice, chilli, feta, basil, mixed herbs, olive oil and pasta. Most of these ingredients should be available from the Zone Fresh Markets which makes it a quick and easy Christmas shop.

Pear and Chocolate Upside Down Cake

With the festivities in full swing, you’ll need a go-to treat to keep everyone happy. This is where the Pear and Chocolate Upside Down Cake is perfect because it’s so moreish! It’s a rich, moist cake with a perfect mix of pears and chocolate with a touch of ginger for an added sparkle. The main ingredients are pears and chocolate but you’ll also need butter, sugar, eggs, yoghurt, ginger, hazelnut meal, cocoa powder and flour. So why not order as many of the fresh food items as you can and have them delivered straight to your kitchen table for Christmas?

Preparing Ham Glazes

If you haven’t bought your ham yet, then check out the Zone Fresh gourmet butchery for a ham made from 100% Australian pork. They stock a range of pre-made ham glazes but you can also make your own using their recipes. So check out their Spiced Honey & Orange Glaze Recipe, Orange Mustard, Brandied Cherry, and Plum & Pomegranate. Nothing says Christmas more than a perfectly glazed ham!

If fresh food is important to your family, why not go straight to the fresh food market at Zone Fresh? Everyone deserves more fresh food on the table!

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