Top 9 herbs used in Vietnamese food

Today we will give you a basic introduction to Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese foods are always rich in herbs and have a unique blend of spices.

We will tell you the most used herbs and spices used in Vietnamese cuisine.

Top 9 aromatics and herbs used in the cuisine

#1 Lime Leaf

It gives a bitter and sour flavour to the dish. It looks shiny and bright green.

#2 Perilla Leaf

This leaf is green in colour from the top and purple on the underside. Also, it has a complex flavour, a combination of lemon, mint, and licorice in a leaf.

#3 Saigon Cinnamon

The cinnamon taste is different all around the world. This cinnamon is indigenous to Vietnam. Moreover, it has an earthy flavour that has a strong woody scent.

#4 Cilantro

It is widely used as a garnishing item. You will find it in spring rolls, soups, salads, and more. Also, one of the unique things is that taste depends on your genetics. It might taste soapy to some people.

#5 Fish Leaf or Fish Mint

The name of this leaf tells its flavour of it. It has a pungent smell typically found in fish dishes. Moreover, it is used in spring rolls. You will think you are eating a fish, but it is this leaf.

#6 Dill

It is a famous herb in Vietnam and is mainly used in Cha Ca, a Vietnamese fish dish. Dill is more treated as a vegetable than a herb.

#7 Tamarind

Tamarind is a perfect herb if you want your dish to taste sweet as well as sour. Besides, in Vietnamese cuisine, tamarind pulp is mainly used. You will taste this spice in many curries and noodle soups.

#8 Basil

It is not as popular as other herbs. But it is one of the main ingredients in Pho Noodle Soup.

#9 Mint

A lot of different variety of mint is grown in Vietnam. Also, you will see some taste like lemon, some are fuzzy, some are spicy, and others spearminty.

Other things you will find in Vietnamese Cuisine

Fruits as vegetables

In Vietnam, unripe fruits are used as vegetables. For example, banana flowers or green papayas are used as the base of many salads. It usually tastes sour.

Moreover, it is often used with chopped peanuts, garlic, fish sauce, dried shrimp, and chilli.

Furthermore, ripe fruits are sweet and juicy. Vietnamese people do not eat ice cream or cakes for their dessert. Instead, they will end their meal with a plate full of indigenous fruits and tea.

Furthermore, some of the common fruits used are mango, lychee, watermelon, banana, papaya, pineapple, dragon fruit, and rambutans.

Condense Milk

Cream, butter, or cheese is not used in Vietnamese cuisine. Moreover, they mainly get their calcium from shells and fish bones. You will see people using sweetened condensed milk instead of fresh milk in their coffee or drinks.

Final thoughts

Vietnamese food is known for its unique aroma and flavour. If you want to have the best Vietnamese food, you should check out New Quater

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