Ooni Pizza Ovens from BBQs 2U – Is It a Worthy Investment?

Since 2002, BBQs 2U has been the spot for buying branded grills. It is the most popular retail shop to buy Napoleon BBQs, Masterbuilt BBQs, and Kamado Joe collections. Currently, BBQs 2U has added Ooni Pizza Ovens to its inventory. Even though there are an array of pizza depots across the country, making a fresh pie in the backyard is supreme.

For buying a reliable backyard cookout set up to enjoy the grilling season homeowners visit BBQs 2U. Here they can choose between gas or charcoal, small or large, metal or ceramic, grates, or burners, and a variety of heat efficient models. At BBQs 2U, buyers can look through extras like utensil storage, rotisseries, warming racks, side burners, rubs & sauces, coal & briquettes, and more accessories.

BBQs 2U have a collection of the best Ooni Pizza Ovens including the Fyra, Koda 12, Karu, Koda 16, and Pro. Ooni offers great pizza ovens that can transform the backyard into a pizzeria oasis. The main reason pizzas taste great in restaurants is the special ovens used to cook the dough. High temperatures melt cheese, offer dough a rubbery yet crunchy bite, and char the toppings. These cooking conditions are hard to mimic at home but Ooni has succeeded in designing ovens that cook restaurant-style pizzas.

A gas-powered Ooni Koda heat up to 932°F and the pizza is cooked within a minute. Flamekeeper technology allows retaining heat inside even though there is no door. Koda is small and lightweight. Flip the foldable legs; connect the gas tank and insert the pizza stone and it is ready to use.

Ooni Fyra is a wood-fired and less expensive model. It weighs 10 kg and is great for traveling. The oven preheats in 20 minutes up to 500°C. It offers better heat distribution because of enhanced insulation, which cooks pizza speedily. After every refill of wood pellet, 20 minutes are gained within which a minimum of 8 pizzas with 9 to 12 inches can be cooked. The oven is compact, portable, and simple to clean.

Ooni Koda 16 is a gas-powered oven and a large model from the original Koda. The model has an L-shaped burner capable of better heat retention and even cooking. A 16” pizza can fit inside but the model is a little on the costly side. Buyers find its sleep silver finishing and black tins on its surface elegant. The weight of the oven is 18.2 kg, but is still comfortable to move. The model is compatible with natural and propane gas.

Ooni Pro Multi-fuel is ideal for large families or homes hosting frequent outdoor gatherings. Four kinds of fuel including wood, charcoal, gas, or pellets can be used to cook pizzas. The oven has a stone baking board and insulated steel body that offer optimum heat retention for cooking a 16” pizza in 20 minutes.

BBQs 2U upload videos about not just how to use Ooni Pizza Ovens on YouTube but even about its other products and accessories.

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