Ideas To Spice Up Your Noodle Recipes!

Whether you’re in the mood for some light and fluffy noodle dishes or something a little more filling, these ideas will help you find new and exciting ways to enjoy your noodles!

Add Some Hot Sauce

For a great taste and something super spicy try a sriracha recipe for noodles, or try using some dried chilli flakes. These both add great flavour to the dish without adding too many calories! You could even mix some of these flavours together! Just make sure your sauce isn’t too salty! Try adding some vegetables to your pasta to create a tasty and nutritious meal!

Give Them A Crunch

Using crunchy ingredients such as nuts is a great way to give your noodles some extra texture – give it a try with some delicious miso sesame noodles, or a delicious tofu bowl! You can even use popcorn for your noodles – add some soy sauce and some sugar to give it the perfect sticky coating for extra crunch!

Make Them A Meal

Add kangkung noodles to your noodles for a healthier, vegan option. Or why not try making your own special ramen soup? Just mix together the stock and the ingredients of your choice before cooking it to perfection! Why not try making my famous curry beef noodle soup? It’s delicious, packed with nutrition and super easy to make!

Get Creative With Your Toppings

If you’re not sure what else you could top your noodles with, here are some ideas to get you started! Add some nutritional mushrooms to top off your mushroom noodles with a fantastic meaty taste that you’ll love! Serve them with a side of green salad to give them that extra boost of nutrients – they’re the perfect quick and easy meal to keep you fuelled throughout the day! Mix up your noodles with some different sauces to add extra flavour to them!

Spoil Yourself

If you’re after a real treat, why not treat yourself to some peanut butter noodles for an incredible Asian-inspired taste? Or if you’re after something a little more refreshing try my cucumber noodles for some instant cool times. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to love these great ideas for a new way to enjoy your favourite noodles!

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